SAHC acquires Advanced Radar Company

Specialty Aviation Holdings Corporation (SAHC) acquired the assets of Advanced Radar Company in May, 2019.  Advanced Radar Company (ARC) was founded in 2006 by the UCAR Foundation to commercialize a new generation of advanced weather radar and software solutions.In addition to weather radar systems, ARC provides advanced Engineering and Scientific services for application specific environmental monitoring and multi-sensor integration. We are proud of our support to a diverse, international, client base across the United States, Middle East, Central Africa, and Asia.

Neil Brackin, SAHC “Building upon the strength of ARC’s weather radar, software and data quality offerings, SAHC will provide the resources through our network of industry partners to deliver the highest quality services for our customers in Special Mission Flight Operations and Weather Radar Services.

Specialty Aviation Holdings Corporation recognizes the opportunity to consolidate key talent and capability in the field of atmospheric sciences.  Applying these resources and supported by the best people in the industry, SAHC is positioning itself to capitalize on the growing global need for monitoring, measuring, and engaging with microclimate weather metrics.  SAHC is working with government stakeholders and private industry to support the further development of atmospheric science as well as deploying commercially viable and customized programs for our diverse client base.