ARC acquires Radiometrics, Corp.

Combination Creates a Unique and Powerful Provider of Advanced Weather Monitoring and Integrated Decision Support Solutions

Boulder, Colorado USA. Advanced Radar Company, a leading provider of next generation advanced weather radar systems and software solutions, has acquired Radiometrics Corporation, the world’s premier manufacturer of wind and thermodynamic profiling sensors and systems. The official announcement was made to employees on June 9th after several months of intensive collaboration, cooperation and joint business development.

“The long history of scientific and technical innovation at both companies, when combined with our installation, support and operational strengths forms a unique organization that will create significant value for our customers” said Neil Brackin, CEO. “Both companies provide market leading weather monitoring technologies and we have the team and expertise to assure our customers can maximize the value these tools provide.”

With over 400 system installations operating on all seven continents, the combined companies have delivered world class weather monitoring solutions to governments, civil aviation organizations, military services and a growing number of commercial customers across varied industries. The acquisition of Radiometrics Corporation fits seamlessly into the ARC business strategy of providing unique state-of-the-science weather decision support tools to a global customer base. The staff of the combined companies has decades of product development and operational expertise focused on delivering the highest quality products and services available in the industry.