Aregn is a supported open source software platform for weather data processing. Aregn is rooted in the advanced weather data processing suite known as TITAN/CIDD produced by Mike Dixon of NCAR. TITAN/CIDD (now managed under the LROSE repository) has been in use operationally worldwide for over twenty years. ARC offers a secured and tested version of Aregn with custom configurations to meet our customer’s needs related to weather radar and multi-sensor processing, visualization, and product distribution.

Aregn provides a single platform for multi-sensor processing and data integration via an open architecture that removes vendor lock-in common with proprietary systems. Aregn provides an affordable and supported solution with an open source foundation that enables capacity building and collaboration.


  • Weather Radar Volume Processing (C, S, and X-band)
  • Real-time and Analysis processing and tools
  • Meteorological event ID, tracking, and forecasting
  • Multi-sensor data integration and visualization (Wx radar, satellite, surface station, airborne)
  • Clutter and anomalous propagation identification and removal
  • Motion vector manipulation (temporal smoothing, constant value scaling)
  • Support and conversion across multiple coordinate systems (Polar, Cartesian, PPI, RHI)
  • Production of weather products such as: precipitation estimates, vertically integrated liquid, storm ID, storm tracking, storm forecast, and storm severity.
  • Multi-radar 3D mosaics across multiple manufacturers radar
  • Handling of SIGMET and AIRMET