ARC-X250PM – X-band Mobile Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar

The ARC X250PM radar is an X250P radar that has been hardened for mobile outdoor applications and is mounted on either a trailer or flat bed truck. This radar system is installed on a platform that can be mounted on a stabilized truck for mobile operations or can be removed and mounted to a fixed platform. ARC also offers the radar without the platform mounted to a stabilized, instrumented truck or it can be mounted onto a trailer. The 250PM is also available in a dual frequency, dual polarity version or as a simple single polarity radar.

Antenna/Pedestal Specifications

  • Dish Diameter: 2.44 meters (Beamwidth: 0.95 degrees)
  • Polarization:
    • Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical
  • Long-life, powerful, brushless AC servo motors
  • Maintenance free,sealed, low backlash gearboxes
  • Fabricated using COTS products to ensure parts support into the future
  • Azimuth range 360 degrees
  • Elevation Range -5 to 95 degrees
  • Pointing accuracy .05 degrees
  • Velocity accuracy .05 degrees/ second
  • Scan types:
    • Surveillance (360 degrees) with elevation step
    • PPI sector scan with elevation step
    • RHI scan with azimuth step
    • Raster scan around the sun
    • Sun tracking

Transmitter Specifications

  • Magnetron transmitter
  • Peak Power: 250 kW
  • Frequency: 9.3 – 9.5 GHz
  • PRF: 160 to 3.0 kHz

Polarimetric Radar Variables

  • Z (Equivalent radar reflectivity factor, dBZ)
  • V (Doppler radial velocity, m/s)
  •  W (Velocity spectrum width, m/s)
  • P (Power received, dBm)
  • Zdr (Differential reflectivity)
  • Phi-dp (Differential phase)
  • Kdp (Specific differential phase)
  • Rho-hv (Co-polar correlation)
  • NCP/SQI (Normalized Coherent Power/Signal Quality Index)
  • Zcoh (Coherent equivalent radar reflectivity factor, dBZ)
  • Phase (Differential and Absolute phase)