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Software and Data

Eliminating the Barriers to Sophisticated Weather Data

We remove the technical and financial barriers to innovative, research-based radar solutions. Whether through our Weather-Data-As-A-Service solution or our expertise with TITAN, CIDD and other software, Advanced Radar Company will configure a system that fits your needs and your budget, fully integrated with existing systems you may have in place. Our data expertise gives you the tools to see the information you need, in the right form, at the right time.

Data Assimilation

ARC’s ability to assimilate data from a diverse set of sources enables our customers to have an integrated view of all weather-tracking sources, instead of working in silos of data and applications from various third-party hardware and data solutions.

Data Integration

ARC is able to integrate data from multiple branded hardware and software sources to provide a clear and concise representation of current and future weather conditions.

Data Modeling

By pulling together the “Big Picture” with historical and real-time data, our systems provide you with the tools and understanding to interpret, model, and forecast for your particular application.

Data As A Service

ARC’s Weather-Data-As-A-Service eliminates the barriers to getting timely, reliable and accurate weather data. Data service programs assure you access to innovative and modern products without the burden of equipment procurement, maintenance and operations. You get the complete and customizable weather data that you need to support your business and operations.

TITAN/CIDD and Other Software

We provide a suite of application software that can benefit multiple stakeholders. For example, ARC’s expertise with TITAN and CIDD software enables us to bring multiple applications to you in a supported and modern platform that can also extend to other current and future applications.


NCAR Thunderstorm Identification Tracking Analysis and Nowcasting (TITAN) collects data from multiple radars, tags it with a specific identifier, determines storm properties and tracks the storm over time.


Integrated into our system is Configurable Data Display (CIDD), a highly interactive display system for viewing the details of the radar data.


ARC provides on-site and remote training on the use of software and data solutions, for all applications and industries. Our customized programs are developed to be effective and provide sustainable understanding of your system and data platform.