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Cloud and Precipitation Formation

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Government, Business and Research Organizations on Six Continents

As a trusted advisor to national and regional governments, space launch programs, aviation and the commercial sector, Advanced Radar Company has been a major contributor to the advancement of radar technologies and applications. Forecasters, scientists and decision makers across government and industry know that ARC is dedicated to providing the equipment and weather data necessary to make decisions and take critical actions. Simply, we provide the information you need, in the right form, at the right time.  


Government Agencies 

ARC is a leader in working with national weather services and other government agencies around the world as they strive to protect human life and their communities with timely, accurate weather forecasting, storm tracking and water management.  


ARC installs and maintains radar systems and provides related software solutions and training to support military and intelligence infrastructure and personnel with reliable and accurate weather data. 


Airport authorities worldwide trust our radar systems to deliver up-to-the minute weather data that allows them to take critical actions necessary to assure efficient and safe operations. 


ARC provides reliable radar hardware and modern software solutions to national space programs, including NASA, and private space exploration companies in support of launch and recovery missions and daily operations. 


Whether operating hydropower, wind energy or other facilities, utilities can count on our advanced radar and data expertise for forecasting, modeling and real-time weather information to keep their communities safe and connected. 


With water management a growing issue, agricultural planning requires sophisticated solutions that include strategically placed weather radar and related data and software. 

Research and Academia 

ARC grew out of the UCAR Foundation, and we value our relationships with universities and national laboratories. We continue to work closely with UCAR members and other partners like NCAR, GenRad, STAR and IBM, contributing to the research and development of radar equipment and data solutions. 


Our data solutions can provide decision-making support for many public and private organizations in areas such as shipping, ground transportation, travel and insurance. 

Weather Detection and Storm Tracking

ARC radars utilize the NCAR-developed Thunderstorm Identification and Tracking Analyses (TITAN) and Configurable Integrated Data Display (CIDD) radar product generation and display software which is in...
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Wind Shear Detection

The ARC team has decades of experience with radar site selection for airport windshear detection. Radar sites for airport wind shear require special consideration since the...
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Cloud and Precipitation Formation

With ARC polarimetric radars and the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software, hydrometeors in clouds and precipitation cells can be uniquely identified so that...
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