About ARC

ARC was founded in 2006 by the UCAR Foundation to commercialize a new generation of advanced weather radar and software solutions. We focus on providing our customers with end-to-end systems that are simple to operate, accurate, reliable and maintainable. In addition to weather radar systems, ARC provides advanced Engineering and Scientific services for application specific environmental monitoring and multi-sensor integration. We are proud of our support to a diverse, international, client base across the US, Middle East, Central Africa, and Asia.

ARC operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Net-centric Design Professionals (NDP) following NDP’s acquisition of ARC in 2016. Combining ARC’s weather radar and data processing solutions with NDP’s engineering and program management experience establishes a leading provider of weather radar systems and Environmental Intelligence.

Our Team

Our team brings over 60 years of combined experience in the engineering, research, operations and application sectors of meteorology, environmental sensors, software, and telecommunications. Our team consists of subject matter experts spanning the commercial, defense, intelligence, and national laboratory industries.

We bring professionalism and dedication to every aspect of our customer’s projects. We are focused on being a committed partner for our customers and ensuring their long term success.

Dr. Roelof T Bruintjes

Dr. Roelof T. Bruintjes

Chief Scientist / Founder

email: roelof@advancedradarcompany.com

Dr. Bruintjes is the Chief Scientist of Advanced Radar Company.  He has decades of experience in the use of weather radars, and has research interests in cloud and precipitation physics with special emphasis on precipitation enhancement, cloud processes and aerosol-cloud interactions.  Dr. Bruintjes has also authored or co-authored more than 40 refereed and more than 150 non-refereed publications and participated in the writing of several review documents for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  In addition, he has conducted several consultancy services for WMO, World Bank and other international organizations related to meteorological services.

Dr. Roelof T Bruintjes

Kim Weaver

Chief Engineer

email: kim@advancedradarcompany.com

Kim Weaver is the Chief Engineer of Advanced Radar Company. With over a decade of management experience, and over 25 years of engineering and design experience. Mr. Weaver began work as a design engineer and then expanded his role as a Chief Engineer. He has led the development, deployment and operation of numerous systems including airborne atmospheric instruments, high power RF transmitters, pedestals, and full radar networks. Through his past work experience Mr. Weaver has covered a wide range of experiences in system engineering, project management, engineering management, software design, digital design, RF and analog design, and PCB design.

Dr. Roelof T Bruintjes

Dr. R. Jeffrey Keeler

Technology Consultant

email: jeff@advancedradarcorp.com

Dr. Keeler is a Technology Consultant for Advanced Radar Company.  He is well known around the world for his experience in radar network systems design, analysis and design of radar systems. Dr. Keeler also has years of experience with polarization radar technologies, phased arrays systems, advanced time domain and spectrum based signal processing techniques, and a variety of data quality optimization techniques.